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Where Are You Now In Your Life?

Personal inventory is very important because it allows you to take stock of what you believe and how you are functioning at the moment.


How Do You Feel About Yourself?

How you feel about yourself influences how you feel about every aspect of your life:

    The kind of friends you choose
    How you get along with others
    The kind of person you marry
    Your success in your career
    Your stability and integrity
    Whether you are a leader or a follower
    Your effectiveness as a parent.


Codependence Quiz

This quiz was inspired by the support group, Codependents Anonymous.

What is 'codependence'?

Some people think that this is about being overly dependent or independent in romantic relationships. This is not the case.

Ultimately, codependence is about control: too much and too little.

It’s about the way strong feelings make you do out-of-control things, or the way you hide them, even from yourself. It’s about how you try to control others (also with compliance) as a way of protecting yourself.

This is happening in your life because of a skewed perception of yourself and others, which may have come about because of early trauma.

There is a well-proven way of counteracting these patterns, stopping the destruction and bringing about change in your life, and this is what we teach.



How Extreme Or Intense Are You?

This Self-Assessment Quiz was inspired by the work of Paul T. Mason. M.S. and Randi Kreger.

This self-assessment is for those of you who:

Alternate your thoughts from one extreme to the other – either it’s black or it’s white – there are no ‘grey’ areas in your thought process

Have difficulty regulating your emotions
Have difficulty behaving appropriately

Sometimes it is difficult to see ourselves clearly. This questionnaire considers both how you experience yourself and how others see and respond to you.



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