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Where Are You Now In Your Life?

 Personal inventory is very important because it allows you to take stock of what you believe and how you are functioning at the moment.

These 35 questions will help you to look honestly at what kind of behaviours and thinking patterns might be contributing to your current difficulties.

Also take note of which questions are difficult to answer, which bring up strong feelings of avoidance, sadness or anger in you, and which offend you or make you uncomfortable.

This quiz is between you and you; it is not for sharing. Personal inventory is, as the name suggests, personal.

When you are ready to address some of the ways in which you may be holding yourself back, you can use this quiz as a starting place in your work with a trusted therapist. Behavioural change is key. If you wish, use our Services, or contact us


Quiz: Where Are You Now In Your Life?

No Question Y N
1 Do you sleep well?
2 Do you eat regular healthy meals?
3 Do you exercise regularly?
4 Do you meditate or pray?
5 Are you happy with what you’re doing at the moment?
6 Do you have some idea of where you want to be a few years from now?
7 Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again but wanting to change?
8 Is your life at the mercy of others?
9 Do you feel hard done by?
10 Do you struggle to say no?
11 Do you have interpersonal conflicts that are taking up too much of your energy or time?
12 Are you quick to react and sorry later?
13 Are you always trying to fix things for other people?
14 Do you feel traumatised by conflict?
15 Do you keep the peace at all costs?
16 Do you find yourself screaming, breaking things or hurting others?
17 Do you ruminate about the past?
18 Do you foresee difficulties in the future?
19 Are you scared of what the day will bring?
20 Do you wish you worried less?
21 Do you feel that life is not fun?
22 Do you have problems starting things?
23 Do you struggle to follow through and finish things?
24 Are there some things you just never get to?
25 Do you wish others would do things for you?
26 Do you struggle to concentrate?
27 Does getting emotionally close to somebody frighten you?
28 Do you have problems adapting to change?
29 Do you feel good about yourself?
30 Are you stuck in a situation that you can’t seem to change or leave?
31 Are you very angry or very tired a lot of the time?
32 Are you willing to try out new things?
33 Do you feel overwhelmed by strong emotions?

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