Qualifications & Work Experience

Dr Jana Lazarus:

Holds a BA and a Performer’s Diploma from UCT (1992), an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies (Tavistock/UEL, 2002), an MA in Clinical Psychology (Stellenbosch, 2003) and a DPhil in Psychology on the subject of infant observation (Stellenbosch, 2007).

She has taught and supervised Clinical Masters students at Stellenbosch University and has supervised other psychologists in private practice.

She has presented papers internationally, and has published in a local journal.

As White Feather Sparrow she has trained in A Return to Reverence, Remembering Oneness (2020) and spoken on Shamanism & Psychology (2020).

She is very comfortable in online sessions (bring your cup of tea) and finds that clients are too (who wouldn’t want to sit on your own couch with your cellphone?) She is the co-author of a series of upcoming book about Change Matters, namely Good, The Pottery Night Meditation Cookbook, Miranda’s Dream, Petals on the Grave and At the Compost Heap. As Dr Zizz she has published I Can Fly for children and Bits in a Basket for all spiritual seekers.

‘Change is an art, not a textbook’ – Anon

As Miranda’s partner, I have special interests in the following:

  • Children, and the child in the adult
  • Meditation
  • The power of stories and other symbols, ritual and ceremony
  • Art and creative therapies
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Group work

I first met Miranda, AKA the White Rabbit, when I signed up to do some of her workshops.

I have found them life-changing and so continued to be involved with them as a way of staying connected with my own process, as well as helping others gain the same benefits that I have. Now we are very happy business partners and Recovery from Life buddies.

As a Clinical Psychologist I have experienced many different kinds of therapies, both as a practitioner and as a client myself.

Change Matters offers something quite unique and, in my opinion, uniquely effective.

If you can relate to feeling stuck in your life, despite having tried a number of solutions, this service is for you. If you are at a point of pain where change needs to occur, then we can assist you in learning to help yourself.