Conscious Parenting and Play Therapy

Dr Lazarus of Shamballah Play Therapy (Place of Peace) is our specialist in Infant Observation, Attachment and teaching parents to Connect rather than Correct. We offer parent guidance online and ample WhatsApp support as you learn to play with your children and meet them on their level with unconditional positive regard. We’ll show you the ropes with Boundaries and clarify why your kids trigger you so much and what to do to counteract that in a response rather than a destructive reaction (clue: there are only two energies in this Universe, namely love and fear). Psycho-educational sessions are also scheduled for groups of parents who are willing to learn, or perhaps desperate enough to change! Get your friends in. It’s more useful than a Tupperware party, and less plastic!

Her book I Can Fly (as Dr Zizz) teaches children that we make our own luck.