Our criteria for applying are that you must be:

  • Willing to change
  • Open to a process of enquiry
  • Prepared to do the work required for change to happen (don’t worry, it’s worth it!)

Individual Counselling

Includes grief and trauma work and parent guidance, we work with a wide variety of issues that cover all aspects of being human.

So what is different about these sessions as opposed to just going to a Counsellor, a Life Skills Coach and/or a Clinical Psychologist?

The answer is our multi-dimensional approach and the creative methods that we offer which complement and add value to whatever transformation process you are already in, or wishing to begin.

During these sessions you will be exposed to a process of enquiry in a safe, contained and mindful manner.

This process of learning to live consciously is structured on addressing four basic psycho-educational and experiential learning principles. These are:

  • Awareness
  • Owning
  • Acceptance
  • Action