Our clients have said:

I am getting better at drawing on a power outside of me and trusting it.

I am feeling less scared about my future in all areas. I am getting better at taking it day by day, rather than the enormity of what I may be feeling.

I am getting better at comforting myself.
I am trusting myself more and feeling more confident/ relaxed! I am feeling more empowered!
Miranda…you were the guide through a dark, unexplored thicket. Thanks, it appealed to my adventurous, curious nature. At times I was reluctant but you are an experienced guide and got me through in the end. Jana, a quiet guardian and watcher. Your presence helped me to feel safe. It left no stone unturned in my search for a solution.
I remain more than delighted with my experiences.
We drove home feeling so inspired and optimistic, as if a cloud has lifted. Enriching and rewarding.
It’s been a few months since I attended Change Matters counselling sessions and I can see the huge positive changes in my life. After therapy I sunk into silence and stillness and started the connection with my true self.
I think I have undergone a “decompression” process, a release of many previously unspoken concerns. I have been feeling so much better since my last session, it feels like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders, it really does. Thank you!
I’m in a period of change and I am embracing each day of sad/glad/mad.
You have both opened the door to my true self, I have come to understand me so much better and as a result I no longer hold those old belief systems – Change Matters has truly changed me and life is so much easier now with boundaries and only doing what I can afford to do. I have become so selfish and protective about myself, it’s incredible. My love relationship with me is so beautiful.
Wishing you further success with your practice and just to tell you that you really make a difference. Your discounted therapy has allowed me to change my life forever.