Sobriety and the Next Step

Change Matters now offers a 12 Week Online Program for clients who

  • are serious about their sobriety
  • wish to explore optimal functioning and true purpose
  • have just left a rehab centre or are newly in Recovery
  • would like to establish a firm foundation going forward
  • need follow-up care
  • want to be helped with practical tools

This course takes the form of weekly 60 minute sessions (claimable on Med Aid) in which you will be taught the modules and provided with notes. You will have an opportunity to practice under supervision.

Patrick Carnes has taught us that sobriety is about balance and coming home to yourself.

It’s about learning to accept my limits, what I can’t do and what unmanageability looks like for me.

Together we will unpack what sobriety is. You will learn to reposition yourself from an outward looking stance onto an internal focus.

You will develop consciousness and the inner observer, rise above your negative conditioning and learn to live more flexibly within Flow.

In the beginning you will learn that choice is your friend, and that in order to recover you will need to be willing to do the opposite of what you used to do, with Higher Power assistance. Remember you have the freedom to design your own Higher Power and we will help you with this.

At Change Matters we call this ‘Whale Tailing’ or ‘The Turn Around’.

This represents a shift in your perception and perspective, well done! In AA we refer to this as ‘Adjusting Your Attitude’





We look forward to walking the walk with you.

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