About us

The caterpillar asks Alice: ‘And who are you?’

Sometime during our lifetime many of us are given the opportunity to grapple with that question.

So begins the journey down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ into ‘Wonderland’ where we wander and wonder at the bits and pieces of our lives that haven’t made sense or have caused us much fear, pain and confusion.

We love the story of Alice as a metaphor for the journey for self-discovery.

Initially, it’s her curiosity that gets her to follow that rabbit and before she knows it she is on the helter-skelter roller- coaster ride into a strange land that has many twists and turns about it. Our services initiate such a journey in a contained supportive environment. We provide the metaphorical maps, signposts, a knapsack of ‘learning’ tools, a water bottle filled with refreshing perspectives and some nourishing food for thought to help you through the terrain of your own making.

All you’ve got to do is follow ‘the rabbit down the rabbit hole’. There is nothing to fear.

‘The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things’ – Lewis Carroll

Yes but our therapy is not all talk, as you shall see.