As business people one of the things we focus on is success – obtaining it, growing it, maintaining it or hanging on to it. We are all here today because of success. Each of us is successful. And, if I asked you, what does success mean for you, you would all probably give me a different answer and you would be partially correct.

Success can be viewed from many angles. Nevertheless the fundamental ingredient that makes up success is often overlooked. This ingredient is YOU. There would be no success if it wasn’t for you. So who you are is the core ingredient of every success story.

Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela knew who they were. It was by being who they were that they were able to successfully change India and South Africa into the democracy’s they are today.

What is interesting about these two people is neither of them had the outer trappings of what we term as successful – the fast cars, the fancy house and money in the bank. They only had a dream and they translated their dreams by remaining true to themselves.

At Change Matters we are in the business of helping people to get in touch with themselves – their true selves. We take our clients through a process we call assisted self discovery.

So what is that, how does it work and why would you want it? To answer the last question first – why would you want self discovery? It could be a variety of reasons, some you read about on the invitation and others either involve people – you or others, places or things. It could also be that:

  • Something is happening in your life that no longer works for you
  • You are at crossroads and don’t know what direction to go or how to move forwards

So, what is assisted self discovery? It is a structured model that addresses 4 basic psycho-educational and experiential learning principles. These are:

  • Awareness
  • Owning
  • Acceptance
  • Action

Assisted self discovery is an inner journey. Instead of focusing outwards and trying to fix things that have gone belly-up in our lives, we turn our gaze and focus inwards.

The assistance you receive from us at Change Matters is also unique because you get a clinical psychologist and an applied psychology counsellor working with you together in your session. We both help you through a process of enquiry and actioning. In a sense, you could call us midwives of the psyche. We assist you in your rebirthing process.

We use a number of techniques drawn from a variety of psychological and spiritual methodologies.


  • Learning a New Language – Into Me See (Intimacy)
  • Mindfulness and The Power of Paying Attention
  • Noticing
  • Being Present
  • Holding
  • Reflection on Perceptions, Beliefs, Assumptions and Cultural Influences
  • The Roles We Play
  • True Self and False Self
  • The Ego States of Parent, Adult and Child
  • The Inner Child
  • Connection to ‘Something Greater than Yourself’
  • An Attitude of Gratitude


  • Perceptions, Feelings and Behaviours
  • The Patterns of Coping and Defense Mechanisms
  • The Concept of Taking Responsibility for Yourself
  • Situations, Consequences, Pay-Off’s and Costs
  • The Concept of Minding My Own Business


  • Coming to Terms – Reality Checks and Limitations
  • Forgiveness of Self
  • Letting Go
  • Trusting Again


  • Making a Self Care Plan
  • Testing the Waters
  • Reviewing the Results
  • Adjusting


We also use a number of tools to assist you through your inner journey. These are:


  • Assessment
  • Personal Inventories
  • Quizzes
  • Journaling
  • Mapping
  • Assertiveness and Boundaries Training
  • Re-storying your Telling
  • Dream Work
  • Myths and Fairytales
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Breath Work
  • Guided Visualisation
  • The Innerbition Project
  • Rituals
  • Grief Work
  • The Awareness Wheel
  • Our Website –
  • Workshops